ALM 03 : The Secret To Change

Step 1: You get an impulse and have a desire to make a change in your life.

Common Desires:

  • New job
  • Loose weight
  • Enhance a relationship/want a relationship

Step 2: You take action on your desire.

Step 3: You are tested by the Universe.

You will always be tested to see if a true change has happened within you. The Universe will present a similar life situations that you were in before to give you an opportunity to prove you have changed.

So, how do you respond?  Do you show up the same old way?

If you do respond in the same old way, you have not changed.  Why would your reality change when a true change has not happened within you?

Here’s the Secret….. Change does not happen on the outside, change happens within us. 

The magic happens when you show up and respond in a new way.

Be patient, be persistent and never give up.

Quotes & Inspiration

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison


Are you searching for your passion?

Are you an entrepruener at heart and sick of your day job?


Get a journal and for 5-10 minutes and write everything you can possible think of that you enjoy doing, your talents and abilities. Even if it doesn’t make sense, write it down.

Sage’s examples: I like the color pink, shopping, journaling, painting.

Take another 5-10 minutes, look at the list and ask yourself this question, How can turn these things I love into a career?  

Take one action step today in the direction of your dreams.