ALM 06: The 7 Steps To Manifestation

Step 1: Vision

Have an image, wish, idea, a picture of what you say you want.

Creating a vision board is a great way to get a clear vision.

Step 2: Desire

The thing you see that you want, must be accompanied by a strong emotion & intense desire. This energizes the vision. Find a way to be excited.

Vision + Emotion= Energy In Motion

Step 3: Belief

You must know within yourself that it’s possible and you deserve it. If you don’t believe its possible, it cannot manifest, no matter how much vision or desire you have.

Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers.

What do you believe about the thing you want to manifest?

What would you prefer to believe?

Create new definitions of what you desire.

Step 4: Acceptance

Accecpt yourself & the new belief to be true.

Step 5: Intention

You must intend it with your will and focus.  You can want something, but it must be a conscious choice.  not an effort,  you must intend it to be so. Conscious commandment of reality.

Step 6: Action

You must act like you are already in the state of the reality you want. You must behave as if the reality already exist in the present. Do the things you would do if the reality already existed for you. You must ground all the above in the actions that you do.  Your behavior and body language should be different than they use to be to the reality you are focused on.

Remember, its not about what you should be doing.  “Shoulds” will get you nowhere in life.  You must take action.

Step 6: Allowance

Detach from any outcome at all. This is the power of paradox. No expectation that it has to manifest at all. Be in a balance state in order for the manifestation to be effortlessly.

Important to Remember

The Universe is not “Out there.”  Physical reality doesn’t reflects back to you. Physical reality is a reflection of your strongest beliefs and desires of what you believe is true about yourself, or possible for you.

Make sure you are asking for the thing itself, not the mode, not the process to that thing.  The thing – Not “i need the to get that” just the thing, all the details will workout automatically.  you don’t have to worry about the how.

Your reality does not support you. You support your reality. It’s a profound difference.


This time is a time of manifestation.  It’s time for change.

Watch this video from Bashar.