ALM 07: What to do when $h!t hits the fan

When something is not going right in your life, or a situation takes a turn in an unwanted direction, its common to automatically think a negative thought.  Become aware of these thoughts by “Switching” your thinking. Don’t allow yourself to go into a downward spiral, which will cause even more negativity. Rather, ask yourself this empowering question, “What else could this mean?”

Remember, The Universe/God is always going to test you.  When you’re tested, its never about your circumstances, its about how you respond to your circumstances.

What are you asking for in life? What are you working towards?

Whatever it is, just know you are going to be tested with the opposite of what you want to give you the opportunity to show up in a way that has shown you have a true change within you. When you respond in a positive way, this shows you are about it, you want it, and you will not let some obstacle stop you from your achieving your dreams, goals and desires.


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Take Action

One of the most empowering questions you can ask yourself is-

What Else Could This Mean?”  

Write this question down and keep it in a place you can see everyday. When things just happen to take a turn in a direction you’re not expecting ask yourself this questions. In the moment you ask this question, think creativity and outside of the box.  If you feel stuck and can’t think of anything, go into a state of gratitude for all the blessings in your life.