ALM 13: Date with Destiny

ALM 13:  Date With Destiny   

Have you heard of Date With Destiny?  It’s a live six-day event with Tony Robbins himself.  I’m preparing to attend this amazing event for the second time and I couldn’t be more excited.

Date With Destiny is for those…

  • Who can feel greatness within them,
  • Who yearn to discover more about life and about themselves,
  • Who say is enough is enough!

Before I attended Date With Destiny, I used to be afraid of everything—natural disasters, being by myself, the unknown.  I would admire the strength and courage of women who felt the freedom to travel by themselves, and even those who simply had the mental strength to jog outside by themselves.  I wasn’t in that same place.

After attending Date With Destiny, I realized I was letting my fear of past experiences control my present day.  I uncovered a huge strength within myself.  I now recognized the difference between being afraid and being aware of my surroundings.  My brain felt rewired—like I was living in new world.  Those old patterns of negative thoughts were no longer running my life.

My complete way of thinking had shifted:

  • What if every problem in your life was a gift?
  • What if every problem was happening for you and not to you?
  • What if it was all guided and perfect divine timing?

Date with Destiny is an exciting and truly magical experience about remembering who you are and embracing your true destiny.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend, it is an absolute MUST!

Take Action:  Want to see Tony Robbins in action?  Check out some of his videos on YouTube and prepare to be inspired!