ALM 15: Dealing With Negative Emotions

ALM 15:  Dealing with Negative Emotions  

We are constantly being tested by the universe.  When this occurs, it is likely that we will be triggered and experience negative emotions.  It’s easy to fall into old patterns and replace our happiness with suffering.

Just recently, I had an experience where I was triggered and reduced to a state of anger, one of my home emotional states.  I felt helpless and frustrated.

The truth is, we are all human beings and we will experience a range of emotions, even though we’re doing all the “right things.”  The true question is how will we handle these emotions when they appear?

What should I do when I experience negative emotions?

  • Ask yourself, “What else could this mean?”  Look for the good in this situation.  There is always a lesson to be learned.
  • Simply surrender.  Sometimes there is nothing you can do and the situation is fully beyond your control.  Recognize that your attitude or anger is not serving anyone.
  • Shift your focus from yourself to others.  Shifting your state to one of giving or gratitude will make it impossible to feel these negative emotions.

When you’re being tested by the universe, it does not mean you’re not on the right path.  Remember that these emotions are a gift.  When you stop fighting the current and shift your state, your reality will shift as a result.

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