ALM 17: The Newest & Fastest Way Achieve Your Goals




Results Focused

Purpose Driven

Massive Action

1.What is my Outcome/Results? 

What do I truly really want from this? (Not action items, Outcomes)

Be as clear and specific as possible.

2.Why do want to do this? 

The why is more important than the how.

Purpose is more powerful than objective. Emotional juice will keep you going when the challenges come up.

80% Why 20% how

3.How do I get it?

Write down all the hows.

How can you leverage these things

Then you will find you don’t need to do all the “To Do’s.


The 5 Master Steps to R.P.M 

Step 1. Capture (get it out of your head in 1 location)

Step 2. Create RPM Plan

Step 3. Commit & Schedule

  • Scheduled items go in first
  • Scheduled (Cannot be moved without negation)
  • Block time/ commit (These things can be moved around throughout the day as needed)

Step 4. Complete and Achieve (complete most important)

Step 5. Celebrate (Celebrate the little victories, insights, distinctions. This gives you the energy to go for more)