ALM 18: How To Stop Self Sabotage

We all have big dreams and goals we’d like to accomplish.  Often times, we are excited to get started and then we hit our first roadblock.  Many will stall out and call it quits.  But why?  Self-sabotage stems from our limiting beliefs—that we’re not good enough and we don’t deserve it.  If we don’t shift these beliefs, they’ll hold us back from breaking through and achieving our potential.

In this equation, your identity is key:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you value?
  • What are your beliefs?

ASK YOURSELF:  If these are my top values, who do I need to become to achieve this success?

Does my reality match the blueprint of where I’m heading?  If not, then a shift needs to occur.

Remember, you deserve whatever you desire.  You ARE worth it and it IS possible.  Change happens on the inside and your mindset is key.  When you hit these roadblocks, respond with your new identity.  This mental shift will allow you to break through these barriers and continue to take action, moving you closer to success and ending your suffering.

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