ALM 19: The Things That Excite You Are Not Random

“The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them.”

Ruben Chavez is a consultant, social media strategist, and digital content creator. He has been studying personal development and success technology for over 10 years. This passion is what inspired him to start the hugely popular Instagram account @ThinkGrowProsper. He later co-founded @MotivationMafia with his partner Steve Mehr. He has a combined total reach of over 2 million followers. He works with brands to develop their content and grow their following.

Ruben Chavez, the mastermind behind the popular Instagram account @ThinkGrowProsper, is our special guest on today’s show.  Ruben speaks about what can manifest in your life when you are following your highest joy or excitement.

Our purpose and passions always constantly unfolding before us. Be true to your energy and what excites you.  When you act on the things that bring you joy and excitement, people will be attracted to that energy and will engage with what you’re doing.

What if you’re feeling stuck?

  • Look at all the options in front of you that bring you the most joy.  Act on the one that you have the most ability to take action on.
  • Start where you are and take small steps.
  • Commit to taking continuous action.  This will build momentum and more opportunities will present themselves.

Are limiting beliefs holding you back from taking action?  Just remember:

  • Living with an excitement philosophy doesn’t require any money.  Stay within your means.  Act on things you have greatest ability to take action on.
  • Don’t place expectations on what will happen other than you will enjoy the journey.  Don’t repress your passions because they are not viewed as practical or as a potential source of income.
  • Act with integrity.  Be honest about what really excites you.
  • Don’t be afraid to quit things that no longer serve you.  If something was once exciting and no longer is, that’s OK.

Take Action:

Take inventory of where you are and what you’re doing. Think of the things you can do today to take action.  Pick the two that excite you the most.  Then pick the one you have the greatest ability to take action on and do it today!

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Todays show is about the concept of acting on your excitement.

This might sound like a lofty idea or “fluff,” but I promise you, it’s not. We are going to go into detail exactly why and how you should act on your excitement…and what that actually means in practical terms.

Take Action

Make a list of the things you’ve been excited to do in the last month (no matter how irrelevant they may seem to your goals)

Looking at the list, how many of these things have you acted on?