ALM 21: How To End Suffering

We all experience negative emotions from time to time—frustration, anger, fear, anxiety.  These emotions can cause us great suffering.

But why do we suffer?  Our beliefs and rules can actually be a major source of angst.  Think of the little voice inside your head that delivers nagging, fearful messages.

Even when you are living an awakened life—taking responsibility for how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking—you will still experience these negative emotions.   So how can we overcome this?

Step 1 – Make the decision to live in beautiful state.  Realize that your thoughts and emotions create your reality.

Step 2 – Decide to not let limiting beliefs take over when triggered.

Step 3 – Shift your focus from yourself to a state of gratitude.  Remove yourself from a stressful situation, take a walk, or enjoy nature.  Step outside of yourself.

Important keys to remember:

  • Recognize that not all of your thoughts are true.
  • Nobody can think your thoughts for you.  You alone are responsible for your own thoughts and feelings.
  • When you’re being triggered, you are being tested.  You have the power to overcome.

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