ALM 24: Overcoming Perfectionism

This was hard for me to post.


First, I want to sincerely apologize for my hiatus.  I have been using this time away to make some profound shifts in my life.

As you’ve probably noticed, I have rebranded Awakened Life Movement.  I have shed the name “Sage” and embraced my true self, Christina Marie.  The truth is, it has been a journey.

In my recent training to become a professional life coach, it became clear to me that I was not being my authentic self.  I was operating from fear.  I knew that I was hiding behind Sage and that it was time to step out of her shadow.  But how?

My fear was manifesting in the form of resistance.  I was resisting recording videos.  I had a perfectionist mindset and saw each and every perceived imperfection about myself as a deterrent to moving forward.  So, I wouldn’t.  I simply avoided posting videos.

I would look at all my idols in the industry and compare myself.  Instead of looking at them in admiration, I was using them as a measuring stick, and casting judgment on myself based on supposed inadequacies I saw as a result.

Now I know that this was silly.  I finally decided that I’m going to stand in my power.  I’m going to be me.  I can’t be afraid to shine my light bright, and neither should you.

My message to you is this:  If you are going down path in life, and you’re not satisfied with where the road is headed, you can ALWAYS decide to go down a new road.  Be you.  Be uniquely who you are.

Now that I have made these shifts, I finally feel the weight lifted off my shoulders.  I’m taking action, building momentum, and I feel more alive than ever before.

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