ALM: 25 Dealing With Anxiety

Do you know someone who has been living in a disempowering state of worry, fear, frustration, or anger?  Perhaps this person is you!  Dealing with anxiety is not easy, but remember that you are in control.

I don’t believe people have anxiety.  I believe people DO anxiety.  I believe people DO depression.  Our suffering is a choice that we make.  After all, we are the creators of our reality.  Everyone is going to be triggered, but how long we decide to live in those negative emotions is our decision.

Your negative emotions are based on three factors:

  1. Physiology.  What are you doing with your body, your breathing, and your movement?  Shift this and change your state.  Stand up tall, sit straight, take deep breaths, and smile.  You will see a difference.
  2. Focus.  Ask yourself, “What am I choosing to focus on?”  Chances are, you are focusing on the wrong thing.  Step outside of yourself and don’t make what’s going on about you.  Adopt affirmations and incantations.  Tell yourself, “I am strong.  I am amazing.  I love myself.”  Flood your mind with empowering thoughts.
  3. Language.  Examine your language patters and your inner self-talk.  This has a powerful effect on the way you feel.  Change the way that you’re using your words.  Try putting a rubber band around your wrist and literally snap yourself out of it every time you think a negative thought!

If you want to live in beautiful state, remember that it takes work.  But when you do the work, you reap the reward.  Make a commitment to yourself that you won’t stand for living in a life of negative emotions.

You are not broken.  You are whole.  You are so powerful.  But you are the only person who can change your life.


Get a journal.  When you experience negative emotions, become aware of what you are doing with body, the nature of your thoughts, and how your language/self-talk is coming to mind.  Write this down.  On the next page, ask yourself and write down, “What can I do instead?”  Keep track to see your patterns and progress!

If you need help along the way, please reach out to me!