ALM 27: 5 Secrets To Living An Extraordinary Life

We want to live extraordinary lives, not just good lives, right?  In doing much thinking about this, I had a revelation about what constitutes an extraordinary life, or more specifically, the Pillars of an Extraordinary Life.  They are as follows:

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Emotional Fitness
  3. Love and Passion
  4. Your Life’s Mission, Your Purpose, Your Destiny
  5. Wealth and Abundance

As we learned in the last podcast, wealth is not just finances.  It constitutes every area of our lives.  When we can master the areas of body, health, mind, relationships, and living a life of purpose, then we can fully experience a life of wealth and true abundance.

To do so, it requires much conscious thought and awareness.  You must take control of your mind and realize that you are the creator of your reality.  You get all of the credit, so step up and own it.  When you take full ownership of your life, that’s when the extraordinary occurs.

Going forward, there will be two podcasts per week featuring more real life stories, tips, and tricks of those who exemplify the pillars of an extraordinary life.  I am looking forward to bringing you more inspiration and tools to help you on your journey!


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I love to hear from all of you and am ready to do whatever I can to help you live an awakened life!