ALM 28: You Are Not Your Ego

I often wake up early in the morning feeling downloaded with information.  When this happens, I feel the need to put my thoughts on paper.  Today, I want to share one such journal entry that focuses on the topic of ego.  This was written on October 19, 2014 at around 3:25 AM:

Good morning.  Thank you for blessing me with another beautiful, magical day. 

I wrote a quote several years ago, “The greatest gifts we’ve been given by God was our hearts and our minds, and if we could learn to control our minds, our hearts would be happy.” 

Within our hearts is the key to our soul.  Our passions are there burning bright, illuminating the true essence of who we are and what we were born to create.  Within our hearts lies our souls.  Within our hearts is the key to our soul.  Our passions are there burning bright, illuminating the true essence of who we are, what we were born to create.

Then we have our minds—the space where our consciousness is held.  One of the most powerful computers in all of the universe, capable of tapping into any knowledge—past, present, or future.  And within our minds lives our creative imagination and unlimited potential, and somewhere deep within this mind also lives the ego. 

This tiny little force of energy, where if given the opportunity, would take over and control our world.  Ironically, this ego is a part of you and its highest potential is to serve you for the greater good, but it’s in its service is reflected negative emotions—fear, sadness, anger, guilt, and limiting beliefs. 

Most people are walking this planet—their souls are pleasantly sleeping and dreaming in their hearts.  The ego is wide awake and in control driving the ship.  Its energy dominates the mind with thoughts of, “I can’t.  I’m better than you.  I’m not enough.  I don’t know what to do.  I’m ugly.”  This ego is never satisfied.  It’s ungrateful and always unfulfilled.  It keeps you a prisoner in your mind and maybe it’s stolen the key to your heart and is holding your spirit captive. 

Within your heart, you can also see, hear, and feel the dreams of your soul, and if you can become aware of you ego and consciously decide to put it in the back seat, you will begin to wake up your soul.  When you begin to consciously choose your thoughts and follow your heart, you will begin to feel the power of your soul.  This reflection is filled with positive emotions—love, trust, passion, desire, peace, faith, and true happiness. 

Your spirit is softly speaking to you.  Listen closely.  It’s those little feelings of excitement you feel when you’re doing something you love.  It’s your dreams.  It’s what makes you happy.  It’s your bliss.  Your spirit is calling you and in each and every moment of your day, you just have to quiet your mind and tap into your emotions and have the courage to follow your heart.  All the answers you seek lie within you and it takes great strength to trust yourself and not seek the opinions of others. 💗 Christina Marie 

The ego has a purpose, but it can sometimes disempower us by making us feel that we always have to be right.  Once I became aware of this inner voice that made me choose thoughts that did not feel good, I began to focus on my strength and override that voice.

When your awakening occurs, you know that you are in control.  Put that inner whiner in the backseat, tell it to shut up, and drive the car in the direction you want to go.  YOU ARE IN CONTROL!


Let me know what you think of the journal entries.  As always, I love hearing your feedback!