ALM 29: How To Get Out Of A FUNK

Lately, I’ve been working hard at managing my state.  And it’s only natural, right?  We’re human.  We’re going to find ourselves in negative states.  We’re going to get triggered.  But when that happens, how long do we allow ourselves to stay in these negative states of emotion?

The truth is, you can snap out of a funk in a heartbeat.  When you’re in these negative states of emotion and need to pull yourself out quickly, you should examine three elements to make a change.  Tony Robbins calls this The Triad.  They are as follows:

Physiology – This includes all things related to your body—the way you move, your structure, your biochemistry, your posture, facial expressions, and even the food you eat.  Imagine the way a depressed person would carry themselves versus someone who is excited and enthusiastic.  See the difference?  To make a change, sit up tall, take deep breaths, put a smile on your face, and go for a walk.

Focus and Beliefs – What are you focused on?  Most times when you are in a negative state, you’re focused on yourself, and you’re concentrating on limiting beliefs.  Ask yourself, “What would I have to believe is true in order for me to feel this way?”  The answer is likely a lie.  To make a change, take control of your thoughts and focus on only that which pleases you and that which brings you joy.  Focus on what you’re grateful for.  Focus on ideas and thoughts that make you feel amazing.

Language – A little shift in language leads to a big shift in how you feel.  Look no further than the power of incantations.  We are always incanting something.  What are you saying to yourself?  Is it an inCANTation or and inCANtation?  To make a change, become conscious of what you’re saying to yourself.  Eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary.  Incorporate positivity into your language and you will see an improvement.


Let me know if you’ve put these tools to use.  What were your results?  I love to hear your stories!  Email me at or check me out on Instagram at @awakenedlifemovement!