ALM 34: Take Control Of Your Life With Coach Nik Gardiner

Today, I’m chatting with a very special guest—Nik Gardiner.  Nik is a life coach, owner of The Changemaker, and a beautiful soul sister of mine.


Nik knows first-hand the struggle of addiction, after having battled a dependence on drinking and smoking that was taking over her life.  After shifting her identity, she was able to quit cold turkey, and is now passionate about helping people take back their lives, thus creating a life that works for them.  Nik believes that we truly have so much more power than we give ourselves credit for.

Here are some great takeaways from our conversation:


Addiction can come in many forms—shopping, gambling, smoking, drinking, and so on.  They key is, do you call it or does it call you?  Ask yourself, “Am I in charge or is IT in charge?”  When you start negotiating and qualifying, this is the beginning of an addiction.  It is an entity outside of yourself that controls you.  It starts subtle like a whisper, but eventually the voice gets louder.  Like a child throwing a tantrum, it wants what it wants and will keep at it until it gets what it wants.  When you are willing to negotiate, you are not in control.  When you no longer negotiate with the demands of the addiction, the voice will get quieter, and you will regain control.


Life looks the way it does because of the decisions we make.  When you shift your identity to someone who is in control, you put yourself in the power position.  In doing so, you must also shift your association to the addiction.  Instead of associating your addiction with pleasure, you must instead associate it with the pain it is causing you.  Is it causing rifts between you and your friends or family?  Are you suffering in your job?  Is your addiction preventing you from following your dreams?  If all of these things are causing you pain, what are you willing to do to get the result that you want?  If you want to fly as a butterfly, you have to be committed to giving up life as a caterpillar.

To make this shift, you may need to make some changes.  You may need to change routines, rituals, or activities.  Set yourself up for success, not failure.  Embrace a new way of thinking.  Tell the people who are important to you.  Those who love you and respect you will be willing to flow with you.


We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  We choose different paths to go down in our lives to expand our soul and strengthen it, leading to greater spiritual depth.

A negative addiction always hinders personal growth in the moment.  However, our challenges have the power to cultivate us into who we need to be to fulfill our destiny.  If the universe is calling to you and you are ready to do the work, your actions will create momentum that will lead to your purpose being revealed to you.

The desire to see what you can truly make of yourself without addiction will propel you forward.  And when you beat your addiction, something changes within your soul.  You can absolutely do anything in this world.  Your accomplishment cultivates a strength and grit in yourself.  You are truly the master of your own life.


To connect with Nik Gardiner directly or learn more about coaching with Nik, visit her website at!