ALM 35: How To Handle Negative People In Your Life

Do you have negative people in your life?  Perhaps it is someone who is going down a bad path or who is not open to change.  This person is stuck in their limiting beliefs, as if a black garbage bag has been pulled over his head.  When you’re not totally in the driver’s seat, this can be frustrating.

So you want to help, but you don’t know how.  Maybe you’ve tried a few things, but nothing has been well-received.  That other person may be perceiving you as pushy or nagging, and it may be causing a rift between you.

The reality is you may be going about it all wrong.  What steps should you be taking?


Remember, in order to influence somebody, you need to know what already influences them.  What do they like?  What brings them joy?  When I wanted to reach out to my brother, I found a video by CT Fletcher on YouTube that “spoke his language” much more than any of the other content I had sent his way.  I was able to find something that had the same message, but said it in a way that he wanted to listen.


The formula for happiness is our life conditions matching our blueprint.  This person might have a vision of what his life should look like—dream job, great finances, perfect relationship—but perhaps the reality is not matching up.  This is a formula for unhappiness.  Ask them what they think life is about for them.  What is their blueprint for happiness?  Have a chat with them about what they want their life to look like.  Sometimes talking things over in a non-confrontational way can make all the difference.


This person may simply be in a rut and maybe a few key actions will help lift them up.  Make a list of things they enjoy.  Pick a few activities from the list and set aside time to do them together.  Consider putting your partner’s needs first for 30 days as a way to strengthen the relationship.  Don’t forget to laugh!


Everything is energy and everything is vibration.  When they say these negative things to you, ask yourself, “How do I react?  Am I giving what they say an empowering or disempowering meaning?”  If you’re allowing them to affect your state, you are giving it a disempowering meaning. The next time you find yourself in a conversation headed down a path of nagging, gossiping, and negativity, send this person love and light in return.  You may even need to excuse yourself and do something else that raises your energy and vibration.  Be a beacon of light.  Be you.  Do you.  Your energy is contagious and may help this person indirectly.

Change can happen in an instant for anybody, but that person has to WANT to change.  That desire must come from within.


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