ALM 36: Embrace Your Flawsome-ness With Keara Palmay

Keara PalmayToday, I’m chatting with a very special guest—Keara Palmay.  Keara is a reinvention coach, author, speaker, and great friend.  If you’re looking to own your power, be a badass, and gain more confidence, then Keara has some insight for you!


No stranger to adversity, Keara was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 16.  The experience prompted her to question, “If I were to die today, what did my life really mean?  Did I leave any sort of legacy behind?”  She knew she needed to make a difference.

Even after beating cancer and attending college, she found that she was distancing herself from everyone.  She was confused, upset, angry, and felt misunderstood.  After graduation, she went through a dark period, shifting from job to job.  She felt called to do something bigger, which later prompted her to become a personal trainer and health coach.  She took her business online and added business and reinvention coaching to the mix.

Here are some highlights from our conversation:


In college, I was so angry and felt alone.  I was insecure because I had no hair and had gained weight due to my treatments.  I asked myself, “Who would ever love me?”  Tony Robbins says, “The quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself,” and here I was asking myself such poor questions.  The people I hung out with were toxic.  I was in an abusive relationship and living a dangerous lifestyle.  It all hit me at once.  I was so unfamiliar with being happy that I didn’t know what happiness was.  I felt utterly defeated, but then I heard a voice saying, “Are you going to do something about it?”  I decided everything had to change right then.  I went on a health journey, spiritual journey, found new friends, and wanted to serve people authentically.  I wanted to have purpose, passion, and clarity to help others.


At any point in time, you can reinvent yourself.  You’re in the perfect place at the perfect time because you are the person who brought yourself here.  When you decide to change your beliefs, believe you can stand in your power, and know that you are worth more, it will shape your behavior and results.  When you’re down in the dumps, make a love list to yourself.  Write down the reasons why you kick ass.

Ask yourself how can you harness your passion to serve something greater than you?  You won’t be satisfied if you’re just serving yourself.  Your responsibility is to serve greater good with your purpose.  What lights you up?  What do you love doing and how can you use it to add value to world?  What are your personality traits?  What do you do well?

If you’re clear on the impact you want to create and how you can use your unique skillsets to impact lives, then you will ignite passion and find purpose inside of you.  Simply utilize the person you are.


If you’re blaming others, you’re only deflecting your feelings onto someone else so you don’t have to take action.  You can stay miserable and have a pity party, but you will have less and less guests showing up.  People love the victor, not the victim.

Don’t use your failures as luggage; use it as feedback.  Ask yourself, “What did I learn from this setback?”  Forgive yourself and other people so you can move forward and learn from every experience.  If those experiences had never happened, you would never have become the person you are today.

You have the power to change your story today.  Change the world with those lessons learned, for it is your responsibility to do so.


To connect with Keara Palmay directly or learn more about coaching with Keara, visit her website at!

Her new book entitled, Dominate Life: How to Get Clarity, Find Your Passion, and Live a Life You Love, will be released soon!  This is a great book for anyone looking to learn how to take responsibility and reinvent themselves.  It will help you gain clarity on what you want to do, while also helping you create action steps to get there.  Visit her website to learn more!