ALM 38: What You Want Is On Its Way

**Please note this is the newest episode.  Many apologies for the duplicate show that posted in error on Sunday evening.  Enjoy!**

Have you ever really wanted something, but it’s just not showing up as fast as you’d like it to manifest?  What do you do?  How do you respond?

Think about a surprise party.  On the surface, it appears nothing is happening.  You know nothing about what everyone else is doing to prepare for the big event.  You may even feel upset that seemingly everyone has forgotten about your birthday.  Similarly when waiting for what you want, you may feel frustrated.  Why hasn’t it happened yet?  Yet behind the scenes, the Universe is putting everything together in perfect divine order.

So how do you respond?  Will you throw a tantrum because you don’t have it right now?  You are not in a state of allowing.  God and the Universe is feeling everything you are emitting from your vibration.  You must trust the timing of your life and have faith that everything you want is on its way.  Yet you still must do everything in your power to make this manifestation a reality.

When you find yourself feeling frustrated by not yet having what you desire, take a few quick actions:

  1. Send negativity into the light.
  2. Get clear on what you want and stand in your power.
  3. Trust your efforts.
  4. Continue to take action and have faith.

Keep moving forward to your highest potential by following your highest bliss.  The Universe will respond to your clarity.

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