ALM 41: For The Men- Give Your Women The Gift Of Presence

To all my male listeners, did you know that women need, want, crave, and desire your presence?  In fact, giving your woman your presence is one of the greatest gifts.

I know this all too well.  When I was struggling and having a tough day just recently, my fiancé was able to give me his presence and embrace.  He simply listened to what I had to say.  He acknowledged how hard I was working.  I felt understood and heard.  This is so very important in a relationship.  We are very open and honest with each other.  We ask each other questions such as, “Would you like me to respond or do you simply want me to listen?”

Interestingly enough, most times women just want someone to listen to them, so they have a chance to get everything out.  They want to feel understood.  Yet men have a tendency to want to “fix” problems right away and may rush in with suggestions or proposed solutions.  As you can see, this can be a formula for a speedbump.

So men, here are a couple of tips on how to be present for your woman:

UNDERSTAND WHY YOU WANT TO BE PRESENT.  If you truly love your woman, her needs are your needs.  You have a love for her that comes from deep within. You want to love, cherish, and honor her.  Being with her in her time of need is simply part of the equation.

PUT EVERYTHING ELSE DOWN.  Lock eyes with her and listen to what she’s saying.  Be present.  Be there for her and just listen!  Don’t try to multi-task.  You’ll appear distracted and you may be missing out on things that she is saying.  She deserves your undivided attention.

SMALL ACTIONS GO A LONG WAY.  Take small, extra actions to show your woman that you care.  Fill up her water bottle.  Open the car door for her.  Adopt these small habits to honor your woman, then watch her open up to you in ways you’ve never seen before.

Remember, one of the greatest gifts you can give your woman is your presence.  Ask yourself, “Am I really being present when she needs me?  Am I there to support, encourage, and listen?”  If not, take action today to improve your relationship!


Don’t forget to take time to ask your woman about her day!  A simple inquiry to allow her to open up to you can make such a difference!

I want to hear your tips!  Men, what do you do to stay focused and present with your woman?  If you’re having challenges and need advice, reach out!  Email me at