ALM 42: The Power Of Intention

How many times have you noticed yourself going throughout your day and simply reacting to everything that is coming at you?  Are you taking the time to set your intentions?  If not, perhaps it is time for a new approach.

Today, I want to talk about how to use the power of intention to consciously create your day, allowing you to pre-pave your future, and manifest all your heart’s desires.  There are a few steps you can follow to begin setting your intentions:


First, you need to have a clear picture of what you want to create or what you are trying to achieve.  Detach yourself from all the questions surrounding how it should happen, but simply picture the end result.  Turn this dream into motion picture in your mind.  When you see what you want to manifest playing out in your mind, the power of creation is at play.


Your thoughts are powerful.  Remember, to live an awakened life means you have become conscious of the thoughts you’re thinking.  Recognize that you are connected to everyone and everything.  You are an energetic being.  Your energy is radiating outward and creating a ripple effect in the universe.  What does your energy say about you?  What ripple effect are you creating?


View every day as laying one brick in front of the other.  Choose thoughts that empower you.  Enter into a state of gratitude.  Do your daily incantations and write in a journal.  Start to live a life of fulfillment and regular positive emotions.  When you’re living your highest, best self, while being in control of your mind, you pre-pave your future.

Remember, thoughts become things.  Set intentions for what you want to create and be conscious of the thoughts you are thinking.  Replace any negative thoughts with those that empower you.  Know that anything is possible when you set your intentions and manifest your hopes and dreams.


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