ALM 45: Breaking Normal With Daniel Eisenman

Daniel Eisenman has a raw and wild inner child and he wants to light yours up, too!

Why keep a lid on your growth and opportunities to thrive, especially if those limitations are self-imposed? Illuminate your subconscious shadows with this personal development retreat in book form.

Over the past decade of creating epic personal development retreats, Daniel Eisenman has traveled around the world experiencing beautiful, exotic settings and amazing people. His one big observation is that so many people keep the lid on their growth and passions. This is a self-imposed limitation ~ nobody tells us to do this!

Daniel blows the lid off and gives you a retreat experience in a book.

Breaking Normal: ReWild Your Inner Childand Set the Truth Free?

    • You’ll get to feel what it means to be raw and vulnerable, excited and glowing with a sacred knowledge about your future.
    • You’ll learn to communicate with others in a way that cuts through the limitations we used to let entangle us.
    • You’ll have tools and insight for building your own tribe, be it your family or community or the world at large.
    • You’ll bridge the gap between heart and head to pursue real relationships (REAL-ationships) and your life’s passions.

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